2015 goals to GROW!

We have set goals, established budgets and made strategic plans for Spinweld’s friction welding and CNC machining to lead our path through 2015.

One of Spinweld’s biggest, best and most exciting goals we have is to GROW.  Our plan is to expand our inertia friction welding, direct friction welding, vertical CNC and horizontal CNC machining offerings and start up a second shift.  This will increase our service, timeliness and value to all of our customers by providing –

Additional capacity to be your Resource, Alternative, and Solution

Extra expedited R&Ds and rush job opportunities

Greater customer service hours

Reduced lead times

Increased flexibility

Efficient Operations

Our opportunities will increase to provide you with more cost savings, bi-metallic joining, friction welding and CNC machined engineered components creating lighter and stronger parts and dock to stock services!

Call 1-877-586-2359, as your QUESTION and WHY and

Spinweld will provide the HOW!!!

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