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By Bob M / January 2, 2015

new yearI hope everyone had a safe and blessed Christmas filled with the 4F’s; family, food, fun, and free-time. My children were hoping snow this Christmas, but the old Christmas tune of “In The Bleak Mid-Winter” seemed very appropriate this year.  For those traveling the lack of snow provided safer driving and flying conditions.

With Christmas behind us it is time to kick off the New Year 2015.  I am thankful for the simple blessings I have received this year.  I truly appreciate the patience, the trust, the support, and the relationships bestowed upon me and Spinweld by our employees, customers, vendors, and my network groups.

Many businesses, including Spinweld, have faced challenges along the way.  It is what we do with those challenges that bring out dedication, innovation, and success.  My commitment to you is unwavering and my plan is coming together.    I have embraced our strengths and lessened our weaknesses.  SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time) goals have fueled my commitment for on-time delivery and high quality standards.  Ground work is laid and my path is cleared for sustainable growth.

Please know I am grateful for your help getting us to this point.  Our Spinweld family is growing and always dear to my hearts are the employees, customers, vendors, and network friends that made us where we are today.  My expectations our high and consistent with goals set.  I look forward to 2015 with renewed hope and vigor in our actions!

Bob Magnus

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