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Casted Parts and Friction Welding – A Spinweld Success Story

By Bob M / October 23, 2015

Spinweld recently completed a casted parts  project.   The original part was a fully cast part. Because the length of the part would vary, it was difficult (costly) for the company that cast the part to produce and hang the piece efficiently in the necessary quantities.   Friction Welding the Solution for Casted Parts with Variables in Dimensions The […]


The Benefits of Friction Welding

By Bob M / October 20, 2015

Friction welding offers many benefits.  One, of which, is that of consistent parts.  Because RPM and Pressure are machine controlled, the process is consistent, with only a few controlled variables.  Another benefit is the narrow Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).  The narrower the HAZ, the more parent material properties are retained, and the stronger the weld. […]


Friction Welding Advantages, Part 3

By Bob M / October 5, 2015

Candidates for friction welding will have one cylindrical part.  Parts that have diameter changes over its length are also candidates.  With tooling, friction welding can accommodate asymmetrical parts such as a block to a rod, and unique shapes.  These parts should be parallel to each other.  Sometimes instead of a solid diameter, the use of […]