Amazing Holiday House!

Bob M
By Bob M / December 16, 2014

house lightgs 3 With the upcoming holidays, one of our employees here at Spinweld really stands out in their holiday decorating skills!

Kevin (Shipping/Receiving) spends many hours (50-60!) working to make his home festive and fun.  This is the 20th year that the Liberto family has done this.  Their display includes:

  • Over 30,000 lights
  • 5 blow ups
  • A gingerbread house
  • 10’ solider
  • Wildlife Scene
  • Santa’s plane and a runway with landing lights
  • 6 snowmen


All set with 11 timers to music!

house lights 2 house lights 1

Kevin reports that 200-300 cars drive by his house nightly to take a peek.  Many families have made it a yearly tradition.

What do you do to make the Holidays special?

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