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Friction Welding – Economical Welding

By Bob M / March 23, 2016

Friction Welding – Economical Welding has been around for years, and is one of the best kept secrets in the Metal Fabricating Industry.  The method reduces time, energy use and toxic byproducts of conventional welding processes.  Friction Welding involves a rotating tool, generating the precise amount of friction for the materials intended to be joined. […]


The Benefits of Friction Welding

By Bob M / October 20, 2015

Friction welding offers many benefits.  One, of which, is that of consistent parts.  Because RPM and Pressure are machine controlled, the process is consistent, with only a few controlled variables.  Another benefit is the narrow Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).  The narrower the HAZ, the more parent material properties are retained, and the stronger the weld. […]


Saving Money for our Customers

By Bob M / February 27, 2015

You want to save money! We can help by: Instead of cutting a component part from one type of metal or a large piece of metal, friction welding bonds together dissimilar metals, one which may be much more inexpensive than the other. Or we can create a near net size from raw materials reducing material, […]