Effects or differences of HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) between conventional welding and friction welding

A common question in friction welding is what are the effects or differences of HAZ, Heat Affected Zone between conventional welding and friction welding.  There is a physical, visual, and metallurgical difference.


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HEAT AFFECTED ZONE (HAZ) in Friction Welding

  1. Less extensive than conventional weld HAZ
  2. Narrower width HAZ than conventional
  3. No surface contamination
  4. Free of gas porosity and oxide inclusions
  5. Generally melt free
  6. Avoids grain growth
  7. Atoms brought close together to bond
  8. Shared protons
  9. Similar mechanical properties as base material depending on process temperatures, cooling rate, post-weld treatment
  10. 1mm to 3mm in length depending on material and diameter
  11. Materials above .35% carbon may require post treatment
  12. Most alloy and tool steels require post treatment for proper strength and  ductility


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