The Benefits of Friction Welding

Friction welding offers many benefits.  One, of which, is that of consistent parts.  Because RPM and Pressure are machine controlled, the process is consistent, with only a few controlled variables.  Another benefit is the narrow Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).  The narrower the HAZ, the more parent material properties are retained, and the stronger the weld.

Friction Welding is a process that produces strong, consistent joints by utilizing tubes, bars, plates, discs, etc.  It allows you to design complex parts that may otherwise be cost-prohibitive to create.  A large diameter cylinder rod could take 20-30 minutes to weld the standard way.  With Friction Welding, this could be a 5-7 minute weld.  Faster cycle times mean more parts welded in less time.  A definite cost savings!

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    Bob M