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Bob M
By Bob M / February 20, 2015

This year, I am personally and sincerely, asking for your help with our sales growth.

Sometimes all we need to do is ask.

Your loyalty and confidence in Spinweld is what made us who we are today – a company that excels at Friction Welding, CNC, and Tier One Capabilities. Thank you!

Please help me better serve you by sharing with your coworkers, other divisions, or manufacturing friends Spinweld’s Cost Savings, Weight Reduction, or Increased Part Performance opportunities. We have been a resource, alternative, and solution for Friction Welding and CNC Machining since 1968 and throughout the Metal Fabricating Industry.

 No projects are left unanswered and I am available for an immediate friction welding feasibility analysis!!

 Thank you for your past and continued support!

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