Hex nut to shaft Video

Bob M
By Bob M / November 6, 2014

Friction welding here at Spinweld accommodates a variety of simple and complex parts, short run and long run production, 1/8” wall thickness to 5” solid capability, and ¾” to 25 ft long. If conventional welding, resistant welding or EB welding is problematic for your application friction welding with bi-metallic or similar materials maybe your solution.  Cost saving, increased performance, and weight reduction are key benefits to our friction welding process.  Click the video to see our friction welding of a complex hex, 1045 material part to a 1045 material shaft.

  1. Parameters of Wk2, Rpm, & Psi are tested and qualified
  2. Load hex in head spindle
  3. Load shaft in fixed tail stock
  4. Cycle the friction welding program
  5. Part is as strong as weakest material and cool to touch in minutes.

Let Spinweld and our friction welding advantage help solve your engineering, purchasing, or manufacturing headaches!


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