Raleigh NC Design2Part show

Bob M
By Bob M / December 5, 2014

In November we were able to participate in another trade show. This time I drove to Raleigh NC to participate.   It was a long drive but audio books made the drive go fast.

With some experience from the previous show, the set up was much easier.  The days flew by with interesting people.  Once again we had an active both exhibiting our friction welding and CNC machining capabilities.  Spinweld’s 46 years of friction welding knowledge and techniques provided new concepts and answers to many.  Once again engineers found solutions to their challenging projects by applying Spinweld’s friction welding and CNC principles to their design and manufacturing methods.  Brass to brass friction welds provided cost saving opportunities with near net size.  Gear to a shaft provided increase strength and performance and a huge opportunity to reduce intermittent field failures.

Many other opportunities were shared and friction welding feasibility analysis performed instantly.

Keep watch for our next trade show opportunity in your area or call for your instant feasibility analysis.


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