Safety at Spinweld

Bob M
By Bob M / October 27, 2014

We have been updating our Safety Manual and bringing it to a digital format over the past few weeks.   Like most Safety Manuals it covers basic things like appropriate safety clothing and items to be worn, a safe and clean work area and that personnel are following the safety rules.   Our Friction Welding machines, CNC areas, cranes, forklifts and the general shop are inspected on a regular basis.  In addition to these things, Spinweld works diligently to have regular safety meetings and appropriate training.  (We have been able to post 649 days without a time loss accident.)

Ironically, my son got into a minor accident this past week and hurt his eye. Luckily he will be fine and should have no lingering issues after his recovery!  Everyone involved handled the accident promptly and got him appropriate care.  The accident could have been prevented if he were wearing prescription or safety glasses.

This only illustrates how vital communication, a safety plan and surrounding yourself with smart, responsible people is a benefit and how thankful I am for having this both at home and at Spinweld!


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