Spinweld Increases QC Equipment with a Dino-Lite Pro

Bob M
By Bob M / June 6, 2014

Dino-Lite ProSpinweld Increases QC Equipment with a Dino-Lite Pro

 Spinweld continues to invest in Quality Control (QC) equipment to better serve our customers.  Dino-Lite Pro is a digital microscope which can view, record video and take pictures of our rotational friction welded cross sections, weld unions, or weld interface.

Various magnifications can be used depending on the distance between the scope and the object.  Spinweld’s QC technicians use Dino Capture software which controls the microscope to take pictures and videos.  Measurements and calibrations controlled to enhance Spinweld’s capabilities and provides greater QC accuracy.

Heat Affected Zone (HAZ), center defects, quench or restraint cracks, carbides at interface, non-welded periphery, and porosity are now clearly identified in our spin welding QC process.

Spinweld’s Dino-Lite Pro is now fully integrated as a quality control standard used in spin welding PPAP, R&D, prototypes, pre-production and full production friction welding projects.

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