Spinweld’s R&D Solutions with Friction Welding

Did you know the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit was made permanent in 2015?  The credit was introduced in 1981 and it was designed to help businesses engaged in qualified research activities, particularly startups and small companies.  Tax credits are then used to offset federal income and payroll tax liabilities. The IRS notes all elements of a four-part test and other requirements must be met to qualify for tax credit.  Qualifying manufacturers are able to use up to $250,000 to offset their taxes annually and $1,250,000 over a five-year period. Consult your CPA or third-party firm for more information.

Do you or one of your projects qualify for a Spinweld R&D Solution? 

Cu to Al friction weld

Bi-metal friction weld Copper to Aluminum

*In the Electrical Industry engineers need a lightweight and soft conductive component on one end and high-density conductive component on the other.  How can I combine the circuit and join 2 different materials (Cu to Al) together as one solid part?  The solution is friction welding R&D!

*In the Hydraulic Industry large casting and forging parts are a connecting union between the actuating part and the ram cylinder.  How do I connect the casting or forging to a cylinder ram and fuse similar materials (1045 to 1045)  together as one solid part? The solution is friction welding R&D!                                                 

Hastelloy B to 304SS R&D

Bi-metal friction weld Hastelloy to Stainless

*In the Fluid Power Industry high-cost, non-corrosive materials are required to withstand challenging environments of water, chemicals, or FDA requirements.  How can I save money by using an expensive material in the critical area and less expensive material in a non-critical area and bond the two different materials (Hastelloy to 304SS) together as one solid part? The solution is friction welding R&D!

Will different material combinations help make your project a success?  Call Spinweld to perform an R&D to solve your job-specific challenges.  Your investment of $750 to $1,500 for a low-level project scope is standard for Spinweld’s R&D solutions.  Price includes 3 to 5 functional pre-production parts.  Spinweld’s R&D process includes:

  1. Call or submit RFQ for feasibility analysis
  2. Schedule tour at Spinweld or visit from Bob, the owner, at your facility to finalize scope
  3. Calculate friction welding parameters from Spinweld’s custom excel equation or historical friction welding database tracking thousands of successful welds generated from 1968 to date.
  4. Perform R&D in accordance with AWS 6.1 or Mil-Spec 1252
  5. Document and perform internal testing, bend test, and cross-section analysis, for high, nominal, and low full strength ranges
  6. Submit samples to third-party lab for quantitative Mechanical Testing of tensile, yield, elongation, and hardness to compare base material to friction weld interface
  7. Review data to make adjustments to parameters and perform second round of testing if necessary
  8. When successful, document established parameters in Welding Procedure Specification(WPS)) and friction weld 3 to 5 pre-production assemblies for customer lab or functional testing

A small investment to perform a Spinweld friction welding R&D for your project may bring an immediate ROI!

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