Spinweld’s bi-metal, bi-metallic, 2 different materials and friction welding applications

weld two

Copper to AL

Titanium to SS

Titanium to SS

Friction welding continues reach new industries, new applications, new processes, and new opportunities.  More commonly known is the use of friction welding for automotive applications in early 60’s.  A few major companies secretly embraced and applied friction welding as a manufacturing production process.   This was cutting edge technology back then and still is today.

Aerospace, Gas, Oil, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, and Marine Industries embrace friction welding and more specifically bi-metal or bi-metallic unions of 2 different materials.  This bond or union can be as strong and in some cases stronger than the lessor of the two materials.  Energy, pressure, rpm, and time make up the parameters to marry these bi-metal applications.


What other alternative do you know of where a sub-zero aluminum tank can connect to a flame temperature exhaust?  A bi-metal friction welded coupling of Inconel to Aluminum.

Or how about Aluminum(Al) to Stainless Steel(SS) or Aluminum(Al) to Copper(Cu) or Stainless Steel(SS) to Titanium(Ti)?

Innovation and opportunity awaits Engineers, Purchasers, and Managers.

Spinweld and friction welding is your Resource, Alternative, and Solution!

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