Spinweld’s First Design 2 Parts Friction Welding & CNC Machining Tradeshow

Spinweld entered its first Design 2 Parts Tradeshow on May 7 & 8th in Schaumburg IL.  A lot of preparation and hard work paid off as Spinweld was one of only 2 friction welding job shops exhibiting.  Banners, signs, give-a-ways, literature, video and display parts brought a comforting preparedness as people stopped by to inquire about our service offerings.  Unique similar-metal and bi-metal friction welded components created a buzz of energy around the booth.

Engineers were amazed that Spinweld could friction weld Ti(Titanium) to SS(Stainless), SS(Stainless) to Al(Aluminum), and Al(Aluminum) to Cu(Copper).  Exhibitors around us were envious of our activity as we educated management, engineers, purchasing, and other manufacturing associates Spinweld’s advantage of Friction Welding, CNC Machining, and Turnkey Solution.

Look to see us in Akron OH for our second Design 2 Part exhibit.

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