Supporting Skilled Trades

In January 2014 I made it a personal mission to give back to the industry I serve by supporting my local educational community.  Residing and working in Waukesha county led my decision to join Waukesha County Technical College’s(WCTC) Machine Tool Operation and Tool & Die(MTO & TD) advisory committee.  WCTC is one of many skilled trade educational programs available in southeastern Wisconsin.

It is well recognized that, starting in the mid 1990’s,  the local manufacturing environment saw a decline in jobs for those in the skilled trade professions .  Skilled Trade Educational Systems and local manufacturing companies together have rebounded this declining trend.  Today, opportunities are endless.  WCTC posted job opportunities for approximately 900 opening for Tool & Die and 600 for Machine Tool Operation.  WCTC extensive and flexible curriculums are booked solid.  They have welcomed and listened to industry leaders and together created programs which meet the needs of individuals looking to start a career, enhance an existing career, or branch out and change a career.

I commend and support WCTC’s efforts through my involvement in the MTO, T&D Advisory Committee.  Spinweld will be open for 2 weeks of instructor on site continuing education, and will enroll in training programs to help foster the growth of the Skilled Trade Professions.

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    Bob M