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The 6 Basic Joint Types for Friction Welding

By Bob M / November 21, 2017

The origin of friction welding and 6 basic joint types dates back to the Soviet Union in 1956 when first experiments and patents on the process were issued.  In the early 1960’s American friction welding companies Caterpillar, Rockwell International, and American Manufacturing Foundry filed patents and developed proprietary machines for the friction welding process.  Rotational […]


Spinweld Increases QC Equipment with a Dino-Lite Pro

By Bob M / June 6, 2014

Spinweld Increases QC Equipment with a Dino-Lite Pro  Spinweld continues to invest in Quality Control (QC) equipment to better serve our customers.  Dino-Lite Pro is a digital microscope which can view, record video and take pictures of our rotational friction welded cross sections, weld unions, or weld interface. Various magnifications can be used depending on […]