6 Basic Friction Welding Joint Types – Bar To Bar

Friction welding bar to bar is the first joint type we will discuss in our 6 part series of the different welding joints, bonds, or union types in 2018.  It is the most commonly used type and its application is endless with uses in construction machinery, hydraulic equipment, power generation, renewable energy, medical, recreation, electrical equipment, and more.  Just about anything metal for the sea, land or air can be friction welded to meet your needs.  The ultimate goal of friction welding is to have a 100% fusion throughout the joint. 

Now let’s consider Spinweld’s friction welding advantages:

  • Near net size, (ie. large flange to smaller diameter shaft) with little to no tooling cost and 5,000/month to 50,000/month volume capability
  • Bi-metal joints, (ie. Ti to SS, SS to CRS, Cu to AL, Monel to DOM) using expensive material where critical and filler material for the rest 

And design options:

  • Weight reduction
  • Improve part performance
  • Additional engineering and manufacturing alternatives

And finally purchasing options:

  • Material savings
  • CNC or machining savings
  • Tooling savings

 Let’s take a look at the video of the bar to bar friction welding.  What design or purchasing options do you see being utilized? As you can see the weld interface is the bar to bar and solid to solid but the notice the features on the opposite ends of the interface weld.  A forged disc on one end.  A cast profile on the other end.  Try making those 2 components in one process and efficiently.  Friction welding allows you to make the individual parts efficiently based on the cost-effectiveness of that manufacturing process.  Spinweld’s friction welding allows you to join those 2 or 3 components with the strength of one solid part.    

Spinweld wants to be your R.A.S. – Resource, Alternative, and Solution for your friction welding needs for 2018 and beyond.  Best wishes to you and your company for 2018!

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